The game with life

"You can take everything, just not my experience and love that I will always carry in me."

My life-tasks

 Heal and Help:

The Properties of Juniper (Wake-Up) keep people alive and invigorated. Diseases and negative energies should be kept away. The Germans worshipped the Juniper as a sacred plant with a benevolent nature.


Entertain, sensitize and pass on my experience.


My experience:

Further education in Retorik, group guidance, animation, mental training.


Current Program:

Multivision show 1 man - 1 wheel - 1 island (Alone through Iceland)

Albania - the Haunted Mountains (Co-speaker Rocco Schulz)


To be off the track "one day hike".

Learning from someone who is at home in nature.

Feel the power of nature. Everything about wood and forest, and their spirit.

Spellbound by elves fairies, nature spirits and elemental whishes.


How I found my way to Spirituality

For a long time I could not find my way around society, I am different and did not know why. Through my adventurous journeys, I was forced to listen to my inner self. That helped me to survive. So I trained myself- how every person must - to listen to my gut feeling and to trust the feelings as they become stronger and more reliable.


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