The game with light

"Make visible what might never have been perceived without you."
Robert Bresson

Infraret photography

It is possible to take pictures with the full color spectrum, more than the human eye can see. Using this gives me access to even more creative freedom. This is my style. Experimenting in this style, using different filters to discover new layers of the visual world gives me great pleasure.


Advantage: Higher detail sharpness, more color information and creative scope.

Disadvantage: A longer setup time and spectral color deviation.

Sport Photography

Landscape/Nature Photography

At Work

Nude Art Photography

Photography for customers

Talent is more important than technology.
I dispenses with digital post-processing
The picture is supposed to be created in this way

My equipment:
Nikon D800, high resolution in infrared

Fixed focal length 300mm, 50mm, 24mm

External sound recording (for film).
I often create bespoke gear to achieve my project aims.

Foto Projects:


48. Zuger Messe  19. Oktober, bis 27. Oktober 2019 Halle Designe


Hans Gisler


photography for

How I found my way to Photography


I started taking photographs in 2008. Whether with the unicycle, MTB or skis, I am always looking for something new. First, I took photos to document my travels and adventures, photography then became my passion. Now I am travelling to capture unique photos, places and moments.

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